About Us

After practicing before the Courts of the District of Columbia, James A. McGuire opened his private practice at its current location in Edgewater, Maryland. Mr. McGuire was pleased to be joined in the practice of law by his son, James J. “Mickey” McGuire, in 1994, and by his daughter, Page McGuire Linden, in 1995. Thereafter, the family firm of McGuire, McGuire & Linden, P.A. was formed.

The additions of Mickey and Page to the firm have greatly expanded the firm’s areas of practice. However, the long established personal service aspect of the firm has remained intact. The children of the loyal, long-time clients of James A. McGuire are now being most capably represented by his children. Thus, the tradition of a family firm assisting families continues.

All of the attorneys in our firm live in the Edgewater area. Mickey and Page were raised in Edgewater and are now raising children of their own in Edgewater. The bond that McGuire, McGuire & Linden, P.A. has forged with the community over the past forty-five years is the foundation for our personalized commitment to our clients.

Our Mission

Our firm is committed to vigorously protecting the property interests and rights of our clients. We recognize the importance of the client and lawyer being on the same page when it comes to fees. We provide quality representation at a reasonable fee based upon the services provided. It is our philosophy that a lawyer should interact with a client in the exact same manner as the lawyer would want to be treated if the lawyer was in the client’s position. We do not obtain our clients through advertising. Rather, we obtain our clients by word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied clients and other attorneys and professionals. Please Contact Us to learn more about how we can help you.